Why We Still Care About Good Grammar


By Devon Brown

In a world where many of us communicate in acronyms and emojis, you might wonder if grammar really matters anymore. Spoiler alert: it does! Good grammar is not just for grandmas and grammarians. You may be surprised to discover these ways that grammar has an impact on your everyday life.

To make sure your grammar is fresh and on-point, try running your written screeds through Citation Machine’s spelling and grammar checker.

Hot or Not?

“Your so beautifull. Me and you should chat sometime. Id really like 2 get to no you butter.”

You open your dating app to find the above message. What would you do?

A survey done by dating website Zoosk suggests that for the majority of us, grammar is a deal breaker.

With the increased popularity of online dating, grammar has become a method for sorting through thousands of potential love matches. Conjugate a verb incorrectly and you may never get to the winky face emoji stage. Bottom line: bad grammar is not hot.

Suits and Stuff

When it comes to looking for a job, if the first impression is king, good grammar is his crown.  

According to undercoverrecruiter.com, “59% of recruiters will reject a candidate because of poor grammar or a spelling error.”

Good grammar is like a well fitting suit: it makes you look good. Just like you wouldn’t show up to a job interview in last week’s pajamas, your resume and cover letter need to look their best too. Those two sheets of paper represent who you are when you can’t show it for yourself. If your resume is filled with titanic typos and poor punctuation, your impressive internship or awesome reference letter may never get noticed.  

Speaking of references: learn how to create an APA reference page or Chicago style annotated bibliography, with examples, using Citation Machine’s free guides.

Believe Me!

Look at the statements below. Who is telling the truth?

A: I ain’t steal nuthin.

B: I didn’t steal anything.

The fact is, both of these statements could be true, but one sounds more credible. From websites about dog grooming to directions given on the street, we’re more likely to believe information provided with proper grammar.

More often than not, credibility is subjective. We often decide who to trust within seconds. With these odds, you need to use every edge you can get.

Mistakenly Misunderstood

Let’s eat Dad. 


Let’s eat, Dad.

Are you a cannibal or are you inviting your father to lunch? In this example, a simple comma changes the meaning of an entire sentence.

Grammar affects how people view us, but it’s also a tool of self expression. The more control you have over your language, the easier it is for you to convey the exact message you want share.

Is good grammar necessary in order to communicate? Not always, but it does have an enormous impact the image we project and how we’re perceived. So the next time you decided to send correspondence without a quick proofread or grammar check, ask yourself: How do you want to be seen?

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