What to Do this Summer to Get Ahead this School Year


Are you ready to tackle the upcoming semester? We know that summer isn’t officially over yet, but preparing for the new semester is essential so you aren’t caught off-guard when the first day of school rolls around. Here’s how to set yourself up to accomplish great things this semester.

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1. Clean Your Room

Start the year with a clean slate. Take some time to seriously deep clean your room—not just push things into the closet or “rearrange” the mess! Throw things out that you don’t need and feel the weight slide off your shoulders.

While you’re cleaning, make a pile of clothes and books to donate or sell locally. You likely have a lot of things taking up space in your room that you don’t plan to wear, so don’t let those things take up space and go to waste! You’ll feel better having given, and so will the space in your room.

2. Set Your Yearly Goals and Priorities

Resolutions aren’t just for the New Year: set yourself up for success by setting clear goals, like SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for:


Example of a non-SMART goal: I want to get good grades.

Example of a SMART goal: I want to get a 4.0 during the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 school year. I will achieve this by doing all my work, getting a tutor in Algebra, and asking for help BEFORE it’s too late.

When it comes to SMART goals, the more in-depth or specific you are, the better. In the SMART example, we gave an exact GPA, a time-frame to achieve it in, and ways to make it attainable. It’s a measurable goal because at the end of the year you get a GPA that’ll tell you if you have achieved your goal or not.

Having a SMART goal is excellent, but they don’t truly allow you to push the envelope! Take some time to define a few “reach” goals for yourself this year. For example, your reach goal may be to save $500 per semester from your after-school job when you have a track record of saving $250 per semester.

After you have established your SMART and reach goals, make them a prominent part of your life. You may want to write them out on a poster board or some sticky notes. Proudly display them in your room to remind yourself what you’re working towards every day. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve with this level of focus!

3. Get Your Sleeping Schedule Back on Track

We all know that summer is for staying up until 3 AM and wondering where the time has gone, but eventually, you need to get everything back in working order. Falling asleep at your desk is not a cute look.

Start adjusting your sleep schedule by a half hour each night, starting a couple of weeks before the school year starts. For example, if you’re used to going to bed at 1 AM and waking up at 10 AM, try to go to bed at 12:30 AM—and definitely get up at 9:30.

There are many remedies out there for improving sleep, but some of the best include cutting out technology an hour before bed, drinking some warm milk or chamomile tea, taking a warm bath, and maybe even counting sheep.

4. Go Shopping for Fresh Supplies and Clothes

Nothing soothes the soul more than a fresh planner and notebooks. Now is the time to take advantage of back-to-school sales! Make a list of what you absolutely need when it comes to supplies and clothes and shop for the best bargains.

5. Hang Out With Friends and Family

Once school gets into full swing, you may not be able to see your friends or siblings as much as you could during the luxurious summer months. While you’re getting ready for the new semester, make sure you’re carving out time to spend with the people who matter most in your life!

The new semester is calling your name, and you’re ready to answer. Get ready to crush your goals and make this your best year yet!

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