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Diversity. It’s not just a word to describe what you see as you walk around the streets of New York City. It should also describe the array of sources you regularly use in your research projects. Many researchers tend to only use the two types of resources that are most easily accessible to them: websites and books. Do you find yourself only gravitating to websites and books for research projects? Do you groan when you hear your teacher or professor ask you to include other types of sources in your project’s works cited page?

If you’re nervous about adding other types of sources into your projects because you’re unsure of how to cite them properly, then look no further. Citation Machine creates 59 types of citations for you – quickly and easily!

Citation Machine’s citation generator cites your journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, dissertations, musical pieces, and much, much more. Here’s a full list of all of the sources Citation Machine will cite for you:

Citation Machine Websites and Books

In addition to citing over 50 types of sources, Citation Machine will format your citations in MLA format, APA format, Chicago style format, and more. In fact, there are thousands of citation formats and styles available on Citation Machine. You can also use our parenthetical citation tools to easily create an in-text citation.

Being able to understand and use a variety of sources helps you become a well-rounded, information literate researcher – one who can successfully locate, access, and use information from a variety of source types. Instead of sticking to websites and books, try incorporating another source into your assignment. You will impress your instructor, and maybe yourself as well!

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