5 Pet Instagram Feeds to Make Your Day Better


By Devon Brown

When a rough day has got you down, an Instagram indulgence can be just the pick-me-up you need. A glimpse into the lives of stars big and small has the power to put life’s trifles into perspective, but who says our cyber celebrities have to be human? Here are few wild and wonderful feeds to check out. (Please note this is not an endorsement for any specific Instagram feed.)


Confessions and call-outs of naughty pets is the name of the game on this famous instagram account with over 106k followers. Shredded couches, stained carpets and kitchen catastrophes are all paired with furry faces and letters of sincere remorse reminding us all that you can still be loved even when you make big mistakes.


Ever wish you could find just the right words to describe how you feel? Let Ester the Wonder Pig be your mood guru. This sassy 670 pound porker says exactly what’s on her mind. With lines like, “I was too tired to brush my teeth this morning; but I had a mint, so it’s all good,” Ester and her giant turkey sidekick will infuse drama and flair into an otherwise drab day.


This chinchilla’s name is Mr. Bagel, which means you get to think about food and look at a whole lot of sweetness all at once. Don’t dismiss him as just another pretty face because he is also a multi-tasking activist. While his main agenda is a fur-free world, he also likes to shop, wear hats and stop to smell a flower or two.


At first Lionel and Lilo might come off as a bit prickly, but give them a chance and you’ll find they’re a couple of fun-loving hedgehogs who just want to have a ball. Even though they’ve scored a few sponsorship deals, these guys still hang like the hedgehogs next door. They munch on Mexican and clean house just like any other little guy.


Our last pet makes being the odd one out feel like a prize. In a contest of the cute and fluffy, Spike the beetle is not your traditional winner, but that does not stop him from having 31.1k followers. Like many icons, Spike considers himself an artist. On his page, you can catch him pushing a pen while creating his latest self portrait. Spike is living proof that there are plenty of people who will like you just the way you are.

When it comes to pets on the web, these guys are only the beginning. You are just a few clicks away from discovering a real #jungle and adding some sunshine to your day.


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